Five Problems Facing Corporations in America

Topics: Corporation, Ethics, Business ethics Pages: 3 (766 words) Published: March 18, 2011

Five Problems Facing Corporations in America

Corporate America is faced with numerous problems such as bad corporate image, outsourcing, business ethics, layoffs, and bankruptcies. Companies are forced to react when these problems occur. Based on some of these major issues that have come to the forefront has forced many companies to implement programs geared toward managing their ethics and compliance issues. In this paper, I will address one of the five major problems that I think that are facing corporations in America, and I will compare and contrast this problem with two different articles. The problem that I have decided to focus on in is corporate image.

Five Problems facing Corporation in America
Corporate Image
Business Ethics

Corporate Image
Corporate America’s got a big image problem. Most Americans think big business is flat and corrupt. High-profile bankruptcies, financial scandals, and accusations of tax evasion have given corporate America a black eye. Some of this damage is self-inflicted since some executives are willing to cut corners and engage in unethical behavior. With some corporations being so large and that make millions and millions of dollars a year have special loopholes sponsored by the government.

Major companies, including Enron, WorldCom, and K-mart have created much adverse news in the last 10 years that it has left many Americans wondering if these companies are incompetent or just crooks. The bad thing about the companies that are doing the right thing is many of them go unnoticed for their honesty, integrity and business ethics. However it is the small minority that are willing to cut corners and engage in unethical behavior. And it is these bad apples that are generating headlines and creating negative stereotypes.

Some managers do not have the skills and/or abilities needed to keep their...
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