Five Major Structures of the Brain

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  • Published : June 1, 2012
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The Five Major Structures of the Brain
The brain is an amazing structure. It is the most complex and interesting part of the human body. It is like a huge computer that runs every function of the body. The brain is made up of the five major structures that include: the myelencephalon, metencephalon, mesencephalon, deicephalon, and the telencephalon. Each of these structures also has substructures involved within them. You start learning how to do things when you are born and keep learning as you grow old. Without the brain you would not have any memories, would not be able to move, would not have any of your senses, you would not be alive.

When you are born the brain weighs on average 350 – 400 grams and as an adult it weighs about 1,300 – 1,400 grams (, n.d.). The brain is made up of 77-78% of water, 10-12% lipids, 8% proteins, 1% carbs, 2% soluble organics, and 1% inorganic salt (, n.d.). The brain itself can grow as it obtains more knowledge.

The myelencephalon is part of the hindbrain and is located near the spinal cord (Bailey, R., 2012). This is where the medulla oblongata is located. The myelencephalon is the part of the brain that controls your breathing, heart rate and digestion (Bailey, R., 2012). The medulla oblongata is also what controls sneezing and coughing so that foreign object does not get into the body (3icreative, 2012).

The metencephalon is also part of the hindbrain and is also located near the spinal cord. This part of the brain contains pons and the cerebellum (Bailey, R., 2012). This is the part of the brain that helps with balance, coordination, equilibrium, and sensory information (Bailey, R., 2012). The pons is the part of the metencephalon that controls motor control and sensory analysis (3icreative, 2012). The cerebellum helps regulate posture, balance and coordination (3icreative, 2012). There is also a reticular formation that is with the metencephalon....
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