Fitzgerald and Gatsby

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  • Published : May 12, 2013
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Francis Scott key Fitzgerald was a popular american storyteller. Born September 24th, 1896 and died in December 21st, 1940, Fitzgerald lived the prime of his life in the "Roaring-Twenties". The values and morals were declining in favor of materialistic and careless attitudes following the world war. Social prestige no longer came to how hardworking and knowledgeable you were but how much property and goods you had. People began to think that instead of earning a place in society you could purchase it. This corrupted the characters in the novel "The Great Gatsby" and twisted the American dream.

In the novel by Fitzgerald "The Great Gatsby" he connects many of the characters to real people that he has delt with in his life. Fitzgerald’s character Gatsby is a mirror of himself. In many ways Fitzgerald betters himself through Gatsby and his characteristics but still follows a close backbone to Fitzgerald himself and events in his life. James Gats was born into a poor, disadvantaged farm family and came from nothing. Fitzgerald was born into a deprived family and had to create himself on his own. Neither came from "old money" or was born into the elite class but rather had to work for all of their money. Fitzgerald loved to party and drink but with that came many things he did wrong when he was drunk. Gatsby threw many parties but never drank so he wouldn't miss a beat. It says how Gatsby learned from Dan Cody, that when he was drunk women took advantage of him and he made ignorant mistakes. Fitzgerald was taken advantage by his wife and spent money very foolishly when he was drunk. Gatsby was created without Fitzgerald's alcoholism. Fitzgerald was also enrolled in the army and became a military officer but never went to war. Gatsby returned home as a war hero with medals of honor. Gatsby never had money problems it seemed as he never really worked but the money just kept coming in. Fitzgerald was always fighting to keep making money and worked for hours on end...
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