First Integral Recruitment and Management Inc.

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First Integral Recruitment and Management Incorporation


First Integral Recruitment and Management Incorporation is a private owned recruitment firm. Launched in year 2010, the First Integral Management is now catering different order based projects within Metro Manila. They recruit, hire, and deploy in different cities and provinces too.

The business is all about hiring the right people for direct hire, independent contractor and temporary hires for their clients. The company actively search, recruit, and screen candidates for employment, train them according to specific client requirement and deploy them to the clientele.

For their first three years in the industry, they’ve earned the trust of their clients which makes them stay in their chosen field, nowadays, the firm had earned respectable name in human resources.

Firm Resources

For the past 3 years, First Integral Recruitment and Management Incorporation provide quality service to their clients by hiring the most qualified candidate for the position. First Integral Recruitment and Management (FIRM) is a company whose services are limited to human resource and consultancy – which is concentrated solely in human resources and development. They earn their competitive advantage through quality service – deploying the most qualified employee, those who will do according to the contract; on time payment; proper training; and background checking.

First Integral Recruitment & Management offers services like tempo staffing, regular recruitment, and background checking to its clientele.

The recruitment agency is capable to give their clients any kind of position they need within the company

Competitive Advantage
Locating in the biggest city of metro manila, FIRM finds it a good strategy to be easily found by the applicants within the metro manila to have jobs. Most of their applicants are walk in, since the building is easy to find.

Diversified clients is also a competitive advantage for the company, they hire from the laborers in different construction projects; to call center agents; and even to executive position depending upon the job orders. They even do background checking on employees if the company requested to and send it into a detailed report for the company to check if they will keep the employee in the organization. .

Value Creation
Companies who can’t accommodate too much applicants and recruit, screen, and train them – they find it costly. Seeking for a partner in searching the right person in the vacant position, FIRM is open for them. As they’ve create a name in the industry of recruitment, they have created a good name by creating good quality of service. They ensure the company that employees will not have problems in terms of payments, and management. So far, they’ve handled about 47 clients for the past 3 years, 32 among these clients are still in touched with the company -- A proof that their clients are satisfied with the quality of their service.

Earn Above Average Return
First Integral Recruitment and Management Inc. is committed to provide quality service for three consecutive years of their operation. For the first year of operation, they’ve earned average return – a breakeven in their operations, not bad for a starter. Another year has passed again they prove their worth in the chosen industry. At present time, the company continues to grow and earn more than what they are aiming for.

Attractive Industry
Staff Alliance Inc. is a firm specialized in human resources too. They offer the same as the FIRM does. Located in 4/F Vicente Madrigal Bldg. 6793 Ayala Avenue, Makati City, Philippines, they also earn an above their expectancy in the chosen field. Like the FIRM, their location is an attractive place for the job seekers for Makati City, like Quezon City is a place where you can find job...
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