Fire Fighting Apparatus

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Fire 6 Research Paper

There are many types of fire-fighting apparatus’ that are in use today and my research is not going to be limited on one particular type of engine but will include a vast majority of engines and their uses. To begin to understand fire apparatus, one must define the term engines or apparatus, which are what most fire departments, call the basic vehicle in this region of the country. But just about anywhere you can find a department where these kinds of apparatus are sometimes referred to as pumpers. Most of the time they can generically be referred to as “triple capacity” apparatus. This is because they can do three jobs. They can pump, transport personnel, and carry hose. It is possible to have a single function vehicle. For example, New York has had vehicles with giant pumps mounted on them. It can pump tens of thousands of gallons a minute. But that is all it can do. A separate vehicle, called a “Hose tender”, must be dispatched with the pump vehicle. It is also possible to have apparatus that can perform four or five major functions. These are called "Quads" or "Quints". Engines can also be classified as "Type I", Type II" or "Type III". This classification refers to the size of pumps and uses.

Quints, as the name implies are vehicles that carry out five functions. The two most notabe are that of pump and aerial device on one vehicle. Many city managers think that if you buy a quint you can do away with the need for having both an engine and a truck. Fire chiefs tend to point out that if you have only three or four people on the quint that you have the function of either a truck crew or an engine crew at a fire and not both. It should also be noted that there are pump/engine apparatus that have small ladders or booms mounted on them. These are not “quints”. These are often referred to as “Squirts” or the like. It takes a large aerial device, mounted on apparatus with a full size pump, with a full load of hose, and a water tank to be...
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