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Topics: Gothic architecture, Notre Dame de Paris, Flying buttress Pages: 2 (251 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Pre-Romanesque metalwork, book art, classical sculpture

Christ is in an oval shape in its work of Christ

Tympanum: entry way to church
(The top of the churchs entrance/doors)
Meaning your coming into a scarce place

Lives by the reason of god, but not focused on logic or reasoning.

Domes(arch 360°)
Barrelvault(series of arches)
Groinvault(2 barrelvaults intersected)

Interior of Etienne (all stone monetary)
Have piers(carry a heavier load)

Lion gate- entryway to the building/power and fear

Ambulatory and radiating chapels

West side of the facade of laon cathedral
Doorways are bog to welcome individuals
Cathedral is a huge church and the height of the building is huge. And it has bearing walls(won't cave in or out)

Ribbed vault and quadrant arch

Catherals are important to show that the large and all churches are important. Brings together social and religion

Gothic period goes higher with its structure, openings of Windows get larger. This period is noted for its hieght and windows(stained glass windows)

Uses the ribbed vault(pointed arch) to use the weight equally

Flying buttress which allows they to go higher up and open up the windows. Weight of the stones is out and down

Notre dame cathedral,
Flying buttress(outside of the structure) allows it to go higher and uses the flying buttress to hold weight.

Chartres catheral is larger and the art form that is considered a gothic hallmark.

Use of stain glass with descriptive with religion images.
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