Finding Nature

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  • Published: February 15, 2013
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Finding Nature by John Smith
Today I asked my dad if he would take a drive with me and to trust me. He agreed but had that look in his face as if I was about to do something bad. We got in the car and I gave him my phone he looked at me puzzled and asked what’s going on. All I said to do was keep driving. As we drove off I realized that the streets we were passing were new and unknown by me or my dad. I looked out my window and saw a dense tree line I asked to stop and said to my dad to be at this exact spot in three hours. He said to be careful and drove off. I picked up a rock and placed it in between a tree that seemed to be struck by lightning straight down the middle. I did this so I could tell where the meeting spot would be when I returned. This was the only time I have ever walked into a forest by myself without a way to communicate with the outside world. My first thought was fear then it was adventure. What would I find inside this brand new world. My watch said that it was 1 o’clock in the afternoon I set my watch for an hour an half so I could give myself enough time to walk back in time. As I took my first step into the forest I felt the crunch of a branch as my shoe broke it into two. I looked down and picked the separate sticks on one of the sticks was a green leaf on the other was a dead brown one and I tried to fit them together but no matter how hard I tried they just wouldn’t stay. I put them in my back pocket thinking to myself maybe they would come in handy later for this project. I decided to walk in an exact line with the sun so that I wouldn’t get lost in the dense forest. While walking I thought about this project and what to write and how to write it but I decided I shouldn’t worry about it and engulf myself in the natural world. While this thought passed through my mind I turned around and couldn’t see the road. I tried not to panic but the thought of getting lost and stuck out here stuck in my brain like a sticker. And then I heard that noise. It was a deep growl that sounded like it was very close. I turned around and saw it. It was a big brown wolf with the deepest shade of black eyes I have ever seen. So many thoughts rushed into my mind, do I run, do I hide, do I try and get bigger than it, do I try and fight it, do I throw a rock at it, I didn’t know what to do. Apparently my gut knew what to do because I felt the cold breeze rushing past my face as I ran as fast as I could away from the wolf. I never looked back I just kept running jumping over trees and ducking over branches cutting my face and my arms. Then just as my luck would have it I tripped over my shoelace which came undone very conveniently. For just a moment I looked over my shoulder as I got myself up and it seemed as if time slowed down I remember a leaf dancing in front of me looking so elegant as it spun and floated going with whatever the wind gave it. I felt so calm and relaxed, all the fear drained from my mind and as I reached out to pull it away from in front of my face I saw the wolf, about thirty feet away looking at me and I swear it smiled at me. I didn’t know what I it did next because I was already back to running zigzagging through the forest. As I begun to feel my muscle start to get tiered I got very scared. I thought that nature was supposed to be beautiful and peaceful not full of danger and fear. As I ran I looked for some sort of way to be safe and then I saw this rapid river off to the left of me. I ran as fast as I could towards the water whilst running looking for a large enough piece of wood to carry me through the rapids. I picked up a decent sized log and got to the shore of the water. I had to make a choice right there I chose staying alive. I jumped in holding onto the log as tight as I could taking a breath whenever my head bounced up to the surface. I don’t remember how long I was in those rapids it feels like a lifetime. I remember the cold blue water surrounding my body chilling me to the bone...
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