Financial Status

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Financial Status of Toyota Motor Corp.

Overall, the global economy in fiscal 2012 continued on a recovery path, reflecting economic growth in Asian countries, including China, and a gradual economic upswing in the United States.
In Japan, despite the serious economic impacts of the Japan Earthquake and the strong yen, the Japanese economy moved gradually toward a recovery, with signs of an upturn in consumer spending and investments in the private sector The Toyota Industries Group undertook efforts to ensure customer trust through their dedication to quality and to expand sales by responding appropriately to recovery trends on the market.

As a result, they were able to achieve increases in both sales and profits for fiscal 2012.

For the future, the global economy is projected to show a continued trend toward recovery by growth in China and other Asian countries.
However, there is the risk of an economic downturn because of the ongoing European debt crisis and employment situation in the United States (no jobs). There are also uncertainties with regards to rising raw material costs, such as crude oil, and exchange rate fluctuations. Consequently, the operating environment is expected to remain harsh

Share price:
So toyota is on severals stock markets: FSE, LSE, NYSE, NASDAQ, TOKIO, XETRA

Name|  | TICKER| Market| Value|
Toyota Motor Corp| € | TOMA | FSE| 64,95|
Toyota Motor Corp| € | TOM | FSE| 32,89|
Toyota Motor Corp| JPY | TYT | LSE| 3.335,00|
Toyota Motor Corp| $ | TM | NYS| 85,61|
Toyota Motor Corp| $ | TOYOF | OTC| 42,40|
Toyota Motor Corp| € | TOM | XTR| 32,85|
Toyota Motor Corp.| JPY | TOYOT | TOK| 3.510,00|
They have 3.447.997.492 shares on the market en each unit that you can buy contains 100 shares They pay out 50 yen per share for dividends; this includes a year-end dividend of 25 yen and a interim dividend of 25 yen per share! The other earnings Toyota will invest them in the...
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