Financial Ratios and Net Income

Topics: Financial ratios, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, Financial ratio Pages: 3 (789 words) Published: May 11, 2013
Class Discussion

1.Dartmouth Inc's latest net income was $1,250,000, and it had 225,000 shares outstanding. The company wants to pay out 45% of its income. What dividend per share should it declare?

2.Garcia Industries has sales of $200,000 and accounts receivable of $18,500, and it gives its customers 25 days to pay. The industry average DSO is 27 days, based on a 365-day year. If the company changes its credit and collection policy sufficiently to cause its DSO to fall to the industry average, and if it earns 8.0% on any cash freed-up by this change, how would that affect its net income, assuming other things are held constant?

3.Kaldo Corp sells on terms that allow customers 45 days to pay for merchandise. Its sales last year were $325,000, and its year-end receivables were $60,000. If its DSO is less than the 45-day credit period, then customers are paying on time. Otherwise, they are paying late. By how much are customers paying early or late? Base your answer on this equation: DSO - Credit Period = Days early or late, and use a 365-day year when calculating the DSO. A positive answer indicates late payments, while a negative answer indicates early payments.

4.Pie Corp's sales last year were $315,000, and its year-end total assets were $355,000. The average firm in the industry has a total assets turnover ratio (TATO) of 2.4. The firm's new CFO believes the firm has excess assets that can be sold so as to bring the TATO down to the industry average without affecting sales. By how much must the assets be reduced to bring the TATO to the industry average, holding sales constant?

5.A new firm is developing its business plan. It will require $615,000 of assets, and it projects $450,000 of sales and $355,000 of operating costs for the first year. Management is reasonably sure of these numbers because of contracts with its customers and suppliers. It can borrow at a rate of 7.5%, but the bank...
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