Financial Power and College Students Efficiency

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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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English Composition II
October 10, 2012
The Correlation Between Financial Power And College Students Efficiency

Students in our society are greatly influenced by their financial status. There are three different types of social classes: the low class (those who are financially poor), the high class (those who are financially rich) and the middle class (those who lay in between the rich and the poor). The learning behavior of college students in our society is connected to financial power in that the high class tends to act with efficiency in the classroom, the middle class tends to act with mediocre efficiency and lastly the lower class tends to act with low efficiency. Articles such as “Some Lessons From the Assembly Line” by Andrew Braaksma and “The Seven Deadly Sins Of Students” by Thomas H. Benton explain indirectly the correlation between money and the learning behavior. In my opinion, students that come from households of high income are raised in an environment that leads to success in education. In our society the poor class barely gets the chance to afford higher education. However the ones that managed to pay for College struggle to get through the process with regular grades. In the essay “Some Lessons From The Assembly Line”, Mr. Braaksma wrote: “After working twelve-hour shifts in a factory, the other options have become brutally clear. When I’m back at the University, skipping classes and turning in lazy rewrites seems like a cop-out after seeing what I would be doing without college.” He insinuates to the reader how lazy and inefficient his approach to education was before he realized that College is something to be valued. Most poor people grow up with parents that work and live for financial stability. They are subliminally raised to think that educational learning is a boring occupation. Because poor people usually don’t have the skills that higher education gives a student to perform in a more relevant vocation in our society. Poor...
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