Financial Management

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Chapter II
Conceptual Framework and Review of Related Literature and Study

Conceptual Framework
This chapter contains the presentation of the conceptual framework and review of related literature and studies on companies’ awareness on the job role of financial management graduates, which are significant for the completion of this study. The framework is composed of the role of financial management role in the different companies in General Santos City. The profile of the company could identify as Product and Services being offer, year in operation number of employees, nature of business would be the input or our study. The different financial management staff such as the Controller, Cost Accounting, Financial Accounting, Tax Department, Finance officer, Credit Manager, Inventory Manager, Director of Capital Budgeting, Cash Manager and Risk and Insurance manager would be the process of our study. This may identify the extent of awareness of the different companies on the job role of financial management graduates. The identification of the role base under the output becomes the basis for recommending the different companies about the job role of financial management graduates.

To what extent is the awareness the different companies to the job role of financial management graduates? As to:

* Controller
* Cost Accounting
* Financial Accounting
* Tax Department
* Finance officer
* Credit Manager
* Inventory Manager
* Director of Capital Budgeting
* Cash Manager
* Risk and Insurance manager



The different perception between the companies and financial management as to financial management job role. Profile of the Companies.

* Product and services offer
* Year in operation
* Number of employees
* Nature of business



Base on the result of the study, what recommendation can be made to the awareness of the different companies on the job role of financial management graduates?  



Figure 1. Conceptual Framework

Review of Related Literature
The purpose of the literature review is to ensure that all relevant variables in the research are included. Profile of the Company
Nature of the Business. – Business is a complex enterprise that involves major activities like purchasing, manufacturing, marketing, advertising, selling, and accounting. Businessman deals with the suppliers, customers, worker, employees and even competitors . ironically, it is within this structure of interaction of people that a lot of questionable practices occurs( Roa 2011). Controller. - The core quality control worker's main responsibility is defining, monitoring and following up on the company's quality-control objectives. The role is meant to be the glue that binds the workers with the delivery of management's objectives. Organization and planning skills are vital for the successful execution of the job. He must write and deliver a quality-control program manual, either to each employee or to a location in which every employee has access. Each day, she must ensure that every aspect of the facility and its employees are meeting or exceeding the requirements set out by the quality-control program manual. If not, she ensures corrective measures are set in place (Lamb 2012).

Large companies typically operate accounting departments to keep track of expenditures and profits, budgetary departments to allocate funds for various departments and audit departments to control accuracy and transparency of financial activities. The financial controller is typically at the head of all of these departments. Financial controllers develop profit and loss statements, balance sheets and financial prospectuses that predict a company's financial performance overtime. Additionally, controllers complete and submit necessary financial paperwork to federal and state regulatory agencies as needed. (Davies 2012) The business controller in an...
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