Financial Instruments

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  • Published : February 18, 2013
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Financial InstrumentsAbstract

The present financial market is flooded with a lot investment instruments, viz., Shares, Bonds, Mutual funds, Insurance plans, Fixed Deposits, other money and capital market instruments and also various options of investment in Real Estate and Commodity Market etc. Sometimes people refer to these options as "investment vehicles," which is just another way of saying "a way to invest." Each of these vehicles has its own positives and negatives and ultimate decision of investment is influenced by the individual investor’s perception regarding the risk and return of concerned investment opportunity available in the market. Further, the investment decisions is full of complexity because of volatility of market conditions, Inflation rate fluctuations, impact of Global environment, Cash reserve ratio, and Repo rates. Therefore, it is imperative to analyze these factors while taking an investment decision. Keeping above in mind, the study has been done to see the perception of investors which provides understanding to readers about the various factors which should be keep in mind at the time of investment. The study is useful to company in providing the understanding about the investors’ perception to devise the suitable product/marketing strategies, which would helps it in making their policies or strategies in order to attract them. Further. financial planner get advent to make portfolio according to response given by respondents, which belong to different occupations, having different income level, different age level or which instrument is mostly like by the investors for investment. The study would further helpful for readers in understanding about the various investment opportunities available in the market. Objectives of the Study

The various objectives of the study are
1) To study the various financial opportunities available for investment. 2) To study about the investors perception regarding various investment opportunities...
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