Finance Theory and Financial Strategy

Topics: Investment, Net present value, Rate of return Pages: 4 (1185 words) Published: July 14, 2012
Finance theory and Financial strategy
Strategic Planning means several things. But it certainly is a part of the decision-making in resource management of the business benefits. Finance theory has significant advantages in understanding the function of capital markets, the valuation of real assets and financial assets. Discounted cash flow analysis(DCF) is a tool that derived from finance theory which has been widely used. However finance theory also has little effect on strategic planning and there are three differences between financial theory and strategic planning: 1. Traditional financial theory and strategic planning might have some differences in language and culture. 2. Discounted cash flow analysis might be used in an incorrect way of strategy therefore it is not acceptable in terms. 3. Discounted cash flow analysis might fail to apply a strategic, even if it is used properly. The most relevant financial concepts in strategic planning is firms’ capital investment decisions and it is also a critical component of “financial theory”. The theory is focused on cash flow and return on the investment. The tool used in investment decisions is net present valued (NPV) which was calculated from present valued minus required investment or which was reduced to discounted cash flow formula because the net present value is a matter of cash flow that will gain in the future.


The company is comprised of tangible assets and intangible assets including growth opportunities. The Intangible assets and this growth is a clear reflection of the stock prices and was used to evaluate the capital budgeting analysis will has high NPV. The opportunity cost of each project will vary depending on the risk of the project. The company can divide the project groups with similar risks together to determine the same opportunity cost used in the same risk.

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