Finance Management: Comparing the Sony and Panasonic Finance Ratios

Topics: Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, Financial ratio, Balance sheet Pages: 23 (7193 words) Published: April 9, 2012
Student:| Sidorov Nikita|
Class: | Managing Operations and Finance|
Assignment:| Financial Ratio Analysis of the Sony Corporation| Lecturer :| Bruce Gahir| Semester:| 1st Semester 2011| Program:| MSc International Management| Due Date:| 19.01.2012| Actual Submission Date:| 19.01.2012|

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Financial Ratio Analysis of the Sony Corporation

Sidorov Nikita
Msc International Management,
Managing Operations and Finance
Prague College

The intention of this paper is to make an analysis of the financial ratios of the Sony Corporation. The company operates in the field of producing consumer electronics, computers and high-tech devices. This field is familiar to the author and it was interesting to find out the financial situation of the companies which was among the leaders of the market for the last several years before the financial crisis in 2008 and after the crisis faced difficulties due to the decreased demand on the production. To evaluate the current situation of the Sony Corp. the financial ratios will be analyzed and compared with the industry’s average and with one of the key competitor – Panasonic Corporation. The first company to analyze is Sony Corporation. The company is one of the biggest on the market of consumer electronics, communications and information, music recording, computers. It operates worldwide since 1946 and has 168000 employees. The information for the research was downloaded from the official web-site of the Sony Corporation. The numbers of the financial statements were converted from Japanese Jen to American Dollars. The second company to analyze is the Panasonic Corporation. This company is one of the major competitors to the Sony Corporation. Panasonic was founded in Japan in 1918. Corporation produces consumer electronics, television products, telecommunication devices and computers. Panasonic Corporation is represented worldwide and has approximately 330000 employees. The information for the financial analysis was downloaded by the author from the official web-site of the Panasonic Corporation. The numbers of the financial statements were converted from Japanese Jen to American Dollars. Both companies are UK quoted, which means that their shares are traded on the UK stock exchange. Financial analysis

Most common definition of the financial analysis is that it is the process of evaluating companies, budgets and finance-related entities to determine their suitability for...
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