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Topics: Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, University, Need to know Pages: 3 (1021 words) Published: January 29, 2013
University of Phoenix recognizes and accepts its obligations under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the ADA Amendments Act of 2008, prohibiting discrimination on the basis of disability and requiring the University to provide reasonable accommodations to qualified disabled students in all University programs and activities. To provide any reasonable accommodation(s) for your disability, we recommend that you follow and complete the University of Phoenix accommodation process at least five to six weeks in advance of your course start date. You must self-disclose, request accommodation, and request a meeting with the campus disability services advisor (DSA). You will need to acquire the necessary documentation in order to receive disability accommodations. Accommodations are provided only after the process has been completed. Courses completed with University of Phoenix (UOPX) prior to a request for an accommodation will not be considered for reevaluation of grades. PROCESS FOR ACCOMMODATION STEP ONE. SELF-DISCLOSURE. Self-disclosure and requesting accommodation are the first steps in advising us of your disability and assuring that accommodations will be made while pursuing your academic endeavors at University of Phoenix. Submitting a signed Student SelfDisclosure Statement begins the process. STEP TWO. DOCUMENTATION. We require documentation from a certified diagnosing professional that is generally dated NO MORE THAN THREE YEARS PRIOR TO YOUR COURSE START DATE. The Student Release of Information form allows the diagnosing professional to send UOPX documentation supporting your disability. If you have a copy of your documentation, or if your documentation is older than three years, please consult with the campus DSA. STEP THREE. ACCOMMODATION NEGOTIATION. The University is committed to providing equal access to educational programs for all students in an effort to promote the...
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