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Identify and then Compare the Similarities and Differences between the two structures.  Make sure to make a complete comparison, make sure you include how the features, purposes, materials, location and the importance these structures create for their respective societies.  What did these building say about the people they served?  This is not a joke essay, it is the most important question in terms of points and importance to this class so please give your best efforts.

          In the top image Quest field is in the foreground and Safeco stadium in the background. The image below this shows the Colosseum (Flavian Amphitheater Fig. 7-36). The Roman Colosseum was made out of concrete, marble, stone, and brick, and is shaped like an oval when looked at from above. It stands 16 stories tall and was created in 70-80 CE and in many ways was a monument for the people to partake in past time activities and enjoy their lives out side of the day to day struggle. Engineering wise the Colosseum used many of the techniques that the Romans are famous for. It require concrete, arches, a complex system of barrel-vaulted corridors, and a vast infrastructural skeleton to with hold the weight and space required for 50,000 spectators. In many ways the Colosseum was an escape from the harsh realities of life. It gave people time to relax and enjoy themselves. Considering the time period and the recent fall of Nero this idea is especially true. In a way the construction and utilization of the Colosseum represents the desires of control by the Romans. The hunts and gladiatorial battles reflect the Roman desire for conquest and victory. The hunts represent control of the environment, the ability to be the best over all other animals. The size of the Colosseum is also directly linked to the prosperity and growth of Rome. Fifty thousand spectators strong is no small feat, and thus reflects the awesome ability of the Roman culture to overcome anything that they put their minds and hearts to.           Quest field is modern representation of ingenuity and expertise that echo's and borrows from the Roman Flavian Amphitheater. Quest field is made from the strongest materials we know of today, steel, iron, composites, and electricity. It is ordained with art that conveys sports, events, activities, which translates into relaxation and entertainment. Quest field stands roughly 260 ft at its tallest point. The stadium can hold 67,000 spectators, which is not too much more than the Roman Colosseum. Quest field also has an oval shape very similar to the Colosseum. In today's society Quest field is a place that we can relax, converse, spectate, participate, and cheer our teams on. It gives the people of Seattle a chance to unwind from the stress' of life. It is also a modern representation of our need for competition and perfection. When people spectate at Quest field they cheer their team to be the best. This echo's our desires to be the best in our jobs, in school, and in life. Similar to Rome this luxury building is also representative of prosperity and growth of our society today, as well as our values as a culture.           Both Quest field and the Colosseum are monuments for the general population. They allow their societies to unwind and relax. They provide a place of unity and competition, which are both ideas that drove the Romans to prosperity and might and the same goes for our modern society. Both societies ordained their structures with art that represents the desires of the people. Another similarity between the Colosseum and Quest field is that they both used the best materials and engineering availible to them at the time, and this represents intellect, prosperity, and culture. In a way these structures are the culmination of their societies. Rather than representing leaders or a select few these structures allow all people to participate in the activities that are being held. There are differences though. Structurally Quest field is...
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