Film Report on the Movie Signs

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  • Published : October 8, 2012
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Film Report
I chose to do my film report on the movie signs. This movie featured Mel Gibson as Graham Hess, Joaquin Phoenix as Merrill Hess, Rory Culkin as Morgan Hess, and Abigail Breslin as Bo Hess. This movie takes place in Bucks County Pennsylvania which is about 45 miles from Philadelphia. It is about a Rev. whose wife passes away and he starts to deny his faith until he realizes that sometimes bad things aren't as bad as this may seem at the current time. The movie starts off with weird things happening, crop circles being first. The crop circles are first noticed Graham Hess calls the local sheriff. They think that it is a prank by the Prichard brothers but they realize that it was too perfect and the stocks were bent over but not broken so it could not have been done by a machine. Then the dog starts barking ferociously at Bo and ends up dead because it falls on a grill fork that Morgan has in his hand. Bo is always asking for water because she says there are monsters keeps sitting glasses of water all over the house. They realize that something is wrong whenever Graham sees an alien looking creature on top of the barn then when they go out and runaround they cannot find anyone. The next day the news comes on and talks about crop circles popping up all over the world and Morgan says “extraterrestrials” pWhen they go to town and come home they start hearing voices on a baby monitor that Morgan found in the basement. Graham has a talk with his brother when his brother asks do you think this is the end of the world. He answers yes is that the answer you wanted. Graham says:

People break down into two groups when they experience something lucky. Group number one sees it as more than luck, more than a coincidence; they see it as a sign, evidence that there is someone up there watching out for them. Group number two sees it as pure luck, happy, chance deep down they feel they are on their own and that fills them...
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