Film Impact on Society

Topics: Film, Horror film, Film genre Pages: 3 (1008 words) Published: May 1, 2011
Film’s Impact on Society
Film has played a huge part in American society since 1878 when Edward James made the first real motion picture. Ever since Edward’s first movie production, film has made many technological advances that change the way we look at film today. This is obvious when you go to a local movie theatre today rather than looking at movies from the 1900’s. I am very interested on finding out information about the impact of film on society. I personally think that today’s film has many different effects on society whether it is negative or positive. In the end, I think that there are many negative influences that are portrayed to the public through film.Watching different types of movies can bring up many different emotions or it can be there just to inform you about a topic. There are many different adverse genres of film in today’s society. Some of the most popular are horror, drama, science fiction, and comedy. I am sure everybody has at least heard of, if not seen, most all of these types of these films. It is obvious that film plays a big role in society today but my question will arise deeper thought and meaning to this subject. How does film affect our society today? All movies that are made in Hollywood today affect our society in many different ways. First, I would like to address one of the most popular movie types which are movies that depict war. Personally, I have watched many different war films. Most of them have a deep emotional theme that goes along with them. These films can offend and often do make veterans angry at the false information portrayed. Almost all of these films you can plainly see the use of propaganda and the depiction of false information. Typically when I think of war movies I think of big muscular soldiers with a gun in one hand and a cigarette in the other. It is a fact that once these movies started being made tobacco companies saw a very big rise in the sale of their product. Of course the big...
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