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The college year has commenced and now we can get underway with our Final Year Project. My project is going to focus on children with autism and music therapy. I will look at some definitions of autism. I am also going to explore the meaning behind music therapy. I will do this by looking at a range of literature around autism and music therapy. This will hopefully give me a better insight into the effects of music therapy on children with autism. After some organizational discussion we assembled into our roles within the group and as it stands my duties include the following in the preliminary stages; My role in the project primarily is the creating, sourcing, developing and processing of audio sound effects and soundscapes. I will basically be searching the net for stock audio clips (i.e. BBC sound effects library) or recording the sounds myself. The sounds will then be processed to optimize the quality until they are considered to be industry standard. Experiments with frequencies in conjunction with music therapy with autism will also be conducted in order to achieve positive results with creating a genuine mood alteration within the condition. This will be done through extensive research into the types of instruments, frequencies and other channels of sound that await for me to discover in order to improve quality of life. We have booked a meeting for Friday the 28th of September to meet the special needs assistant in Liscarroll N.S. where we will be taken through the Autistic Unit and its audiovisual application implementation. I have decided to enquire with Susan Motherway (I.T. Lecturer) to obtain information and contact details on specialists in art therapy and research through the medium of audio. I have considered other implementations I may be able to offer the project within the modules I have completed and my general skillset acquired from previous group ventures and employment. So far it seems like its going to be only a matter of settling back into a working frame of mind after the summer break and I anticipate there will be a lot of research involved in the development of the project. It seems to be very vague at the moment as to what our project may entail but I’m sure with research we shall find the niche in the market that will suit justify our business venture. I know absolutely nothing from my peer’s backgrounds in their courses and previous qualifications other than some general feedback during conversation. It is evident that I need to know the modules they have studied and what degree of detail they contained. I would find this benefitting to me for the simple reason that if I do some research that could not be applied during implementation because my three multimedia colleagues have not used the software etc. in knowing this I decrease the risk of wasting needless time suggesting ideas that may not be feasible to apply given the timeframe. However, there is no such thing as bad or irrelevant research so topics like this can also feature into sub categories of research for inspirational purposes. 24/09/12

We have now collectively begun our research in the areas we have agreed on in out first project meeting. So far we have observed that Autism is diagnosed around the ages of two and three and is expressed through certain symptoms, which are common to most autistic children: there is a one sided interaction between an autistic child and a child without the disorder. An autistic child may have a lack of motivation and interest in what he is doing; for example games such as building blocks-he may get bored and knock the blocks before the game is finished. He also finds it difficult to transfer learned skills form one place to another-from the classroom to the home. I am now up to speed with my colleagues backgrounds and feel I can make a start at my side of the research. This week I got the ball rolling from my part and contacted a friend of...
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