Film Analysis - Drive

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  • Published : May 29, 2013
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Film analysis - Drive

The movie Drive stars Ryan Gossling as the dark and mysterious “Driver”. He works as a wheelman for hire in Los Angeles. At daytime he stunt drives for film productions, and at night he’s steering getaway vehicles for armed heists. When he meets his neighbour Irene (Carey Mulligan), a vulnerable mother, he falls in love. When her boyfriend Standard (Oscar Isaac) returns from prison, Irene and her son gets dragged into a dangerous underworld. Driver acts as the superhero in the film, using his incredible driving skills to save Irene and her family. However, Driver is not a typical superhero. This paper will analyse the behaviour and personality of Driver and how he changes throughout the film. The viewer will see that Driver is a very complicated character, and that lightning and environment plays a big role when explaining his actions.

The opening scene of the film is a memory of Driver’s. He’s in a getaway vehicle at a heist, waiting for the one of the two thieves to return. The thief already in the car is very stressed and scared, talking to himself. Driver remains calm and shows no sign of emotion at all. Having both police cars and helicopters after them, they are at a great risk of getting caught. Driver calmly outmanoeuvres the police, and walks away from the getaway car. This scene tells a lot about Driver’s personality, even though the dialogue is very restricted. The camera never leaves the vehicle, always showing the Driver. This helps us to get to know the character even better. He takes a great risk at getting caught by the police, but he shows no signs of stress at all. This shows that he is self confident in his driving, and knows what he’s doing. The Driver is helping criminals, which makes him an “anti-hero”. That is one of the reasons to why “Drive” is a neo noir film. In addition to that one example, “Drive” has a lot of dark lightning, claustrophobic settings and psychological aspects.

Things get complicated...
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