Film Analysis Assignment

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  • Published : November 20, 2011
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Film Analysis Assignment
James Bond: Tomorrow Never Dies(1997)
Among all the films on the list, I chose James Bond: Tomorrow Never Dies to write an analysis paper. This film was released in 1997, and it was the eighteenth spy film in the James Bond series. Question 1:

As an action film, the theme is to versus evil as normal. British navy warship was attacked by a torpedo and was destroyed in the territorial sea of China. The British Admiral Roebuck decided to send warships to retaliate, but M thought it was not the truth that we saw at present and sent 007 agent James Bond to find the real attacker in order to defuse the war between the two countries. Elloit Carver who was an egotistical media baron. At Carver's dinner, James Bond met Carver's wife Paris Carver who was the former girlfriend of Bond. With the help of Paris Carver, James Bond found the initiator of evil was Elloit Carver.Carver used the GPS encoder to interfere the signal of British warship. That caused the ship shifted the direction. Paris Carver betrayed her husband, causing she was killed, meanwhile Bond was being caught by killers. With using the GPS encoder that was stolen from Carver, Bond found the exact location of the sinking ship. When Bond explored the ship, he met Wai Lin who also came to Carver's dinner and was a Chinese agent in fact. Unfortunately, they were caught by killers. Originally, Carver wanted to monopolize the global media, so he helped general Zhang to trigger the war. After a series of investigations and obstructions, they decided to unite together in order to broke Elloit Carver's plot. A lot of fight scenes are uplifting to contribute to addressing the theme of the film. Although they faced many times of death threats in the fight scenes, they still insisted on fight against evil. Question 2a:

The plot structure of James Bond: Tomorrow Never Dies is linear chronological. It began with a terrorist arms bazaar on the Russian border to illustrate that Gupta...
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