Fight to Kill (Part 2)

Topics: Anxiety, Did You See Me Coming? Pages: 7 (2745 words) Published: February 23, 2013
Fight to Kill (Part 2)

So dark, everything is so dark. I think I’m dead? Can dead people even think? Ok, stop and remember. What happened? Think dammit! Think harder! No, harder than that! Aaagh, stop stop stop, too hard! Calm down, I remember a big fall, so thats it! I must have gotten some brain damage from the fall, i wonder how bad it was. Let’s do a test, I’ll state some facts. Roses are red, violets are blue, chocolate is sweet......

“And cows aren’t pink!,” screamed Alonso as he suddenly woke up from his mini coma, much to the surprise of Sara who was crouching next to him. He saw his surroundings were some sort of make-shift house.

“Holy damn!,” Sara quickly replied, jumping back a few feet instinctively. Alonso rubbed the bruised spot on the back of his head, and realized touching it only made it throb worse. He turned to Sara, his head bursting with questions. “What happened? Where are we? What were you doing? We should go out sometime, what’s your number?”

Sara began by slapping hard across Alonso’s beaten up face as always, and spoke in a soft whisper. “ We survived the fall of the wall thanks to the trees and foliage breaking our descent. Unfortunately you sprained your ankle and I tried to bandage it up with your shirt, as you saw before. I managed to make an amateur shelter with some ferns and twigs and stuff, but I don’t know how long it would last.” Sara then stood up and walked to the entrance of the shelter, “And to answer your question about where.” She kicked open the door to reveal an astounding eye-pleasing view of a jungle.

“Welcome to Guerra.”
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The duo treaded the dense jungle landscape cautiously with haste. Alonso lagged a little behind Sara, his limp putting him at a disadvantage. “I don’t get it, why are we moving deeper into this hellish jungle? Haven’t you heard of the monster predators of Guerra?”

Sara slowed her pace to accomodate Alonso and stopped to crouch down, apparently listening for any beasts or foul creatures. After a moment of solemn silence, she spoke, “Of course I know of the predators in Guerra, who hasn't heard those children’s stories about Los Dragones de la Noches? But what I also know is that there is no easier prey than two humans staying in one spot, especially if one of them is injured.” She gestured to his ankle. “So get moving Davie boy.” Just as Sara had finished talking, a suspicious rustling in the trees caught her attention, which prompted her to assume a Krav Maga stance. “Listen up, if it gets ugly, run to safety and I’ll hold off whatever’s trying to kill us. Make it back to the city walls if you can.”

Alonso would never dream of deserting this girl, and the sound of her fists clenching in anticipation echoed deep in his ears. Alonso Davids promised himself at one point that he would never fight, but he decided just then that fighting and protecting are two different things. He briskly walked to be beside Sara and tried to assume a fighting stance.

“What are you doing?!” Sara was caught off-guard by Alonso’s choice. “I heard it sucks to die alone, figured I’d join you.” Alonso thought that line was really cool. A voice came from behind the trees, it could only be described as manly. The voice’s origin slowly appeared before Sara and Alonso, looking all manly and stuff. “Stop, young children. If you would kindly lower your fists, maybe I can then offer you my help.”

Alonso analyzed this manly stranger carefully. A black hood, cape and black robes covered his body from head to toe, providing no clues. However, the stranger did seem to give off an aura of charisma and strength, and Alonso became less hesitant to trust him by the second. Sara however, was undeterred by his presence, and remained on full-alert while agonizingly watching his every move. “Ok then, but it would be impolite for us to accept your help without at least knowing your...
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