"Fiesta 1980” and “Daddy”

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  • Published : September 12, 2011
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“Fiesta 1980” and “Daddy”
Both poems are about memories of the relationship with their father. However, the experiences are very different. The children presented in “Fiesta 1980” by Junot Diaz and “Daddy” by Silvia Plath suffers an internal struggle because of their fathers. In “Fiesta 1980” there is a chance to improve the relationship where as in “Daddy” there is no hope because the father is dead.

In “Fiesta 1980” we can tell the story is told in the first person by and adolescent Latino boy. The story is mainly about the struggles of an immigrant family as they wake up from a nightmare in Santo Domingo only to find themselves in another nightmare, except this time it’s in America. Yunior’s dad is abusive and is pretty much a typical macho man. However the idea that the narrator creates from the story is a boy being starved by his father, not only of food but also of sympathy. The mother’s inability to defy the father without suffering the consequences and his brother’s not being able to protect him either.

The poem “Daddy” can be considered to be confessional. Plath attacks both her husband and her father symbolically. She relates herself to a Jew and relates her father to Hitler. This image shows that their relationship is distant and she is afraid of him, she is confined and helpless to his domination. Later on, Plath introduces her husband;" A man in black who is a "model" of her dad and will torture her free will as well and so he did for seven years, as stated in the poem which is relevant to how long their marriage lasted. Plath also searches for the father she never grew up with; he had died when she was eight. It almost seems as she wants to hate him, more than she did so it is easier for her to say goodbye to his memory.

In “Fiesta 1980” the quotes that I thought interesting is when at one point in the story, Yunior says that even though his father is cruel, “I still wanted him to love me”. Yunior, though he cannot ride in the van without...
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