Topics: Ice hockey, Poetry, Snow Pages: 3 (393 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Hockey is my favorite sport
On the ice or street
Cool and fun
Keep on playing
Exercise and stronger
You should try 
There was a man named Frank
Who invented a new type of tank
He said it would float
Just like a boat
When they launched it, it sank
Free Verse:
Bears are
creatures that
slash their
mighty claws
to fish for
their prey
In the winter
they lie
like a rock
and wait
for the 
dawn of spring

An old silent pond...
A frog jumps into the pond,
splash! Silence again.
Are animals
That can fly
High in the sky
Frosty, Bright
Skiing, Snow Ball Fighting, Sledding
Icicles, Snowflakes, Vacation, Family
Swimming, Sun Tanning, Sweltering
Hot, Sunny
As I was walking down the street 
I saw two people in secret meet
The second one said to the first 
'You have some news to quench my thirst?'
'In behind the old, damp shed
There lies a noble man slain, dead
And no one knows he lies in strife
Except his dog and lonely wife
With master gone where no one knocks
His dog has left to chase a fox
His wife has found somebody new
His house is left for all to view
Though it's been empty for a while
We'll be warm and dry in half a mile
For now we can take comfort there
We'll flee the place when it grows bare

Many people knew the noble man
But none do care where he has gone
Over his grave, all do ignore
The wind shall blow forever more.'
Passing the puck from blue line to blue line
Checking the opponent to get the puck
Skating to the puck and yelling its mine
Scoring a goal and knowing its not luck
The crowd goes wild while banging on their seats
Skating down the boards your team cheers you on
I hope that we do not have any defeats
By the time the season has foregone
The time winds done and the period ends
Coach tells us what he expects from the team
On the ice the coach tells us to defend
I took a shot like a laser...
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