Fetal Pig Lab Report

Topics: Digestion, Human anatomy, Stomach Pages: 2 (687 words) Published: December 12, 2012
The Physiological and Anatomical Similarities of the Human and Fetal Pig Body

Through the dissection of the fetal pig, we were able to compare and contrast the structure and functions of the organs to those of a human. We dissected the pig and observed all the exterior and interior structures. We found that because both are mammals, the fetal pig’s structure was almost identical to the human body.

Since humans and pigs are both mammals, it can be very useful to study the fetal pig. We dissected the pig so that we should see the skeletal and organ structures that we learned about in class. Because pigs are also mammals, their structure is very similar to our own. By doing the dissection, we were able to physically see and touch the anatomy of the mammalian body rather seeing it solely in text form. This gives us a better idea of how the structures are intertwined to form the body as a whole.

Before even starting the dissection, we had to examine the outer portion of the pig. We started our observations around the head, looking at the mouth, ears, eyes, and snout. Then we started the actual dissection by cutting a vertical line along the long axis of the body, a horizontal line immediately posterior to the front legs and anterior to the hind legs. You had to be careful when using the scalpel so as not to piece any underlying organs. We flapped the skin back and pinned it to the dissection pan and cut through the ribs to reveal the organs underneath. We looked thoroughly at the oral cavity, respiratory system, and digestive system.

Oral Cavity: The pig has a hard palate, located at the roof of the mouth, used to aid the process of breaking down food. It has teeth that are pointed and sharp so that it can tear its food to be digested. The tongue obviously allows for taste and also helps to direct the chewed food to the esophagus, which connects to the digestive system. The epiglottis is a small flap that covers the...
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