Festival: Long Live Peru

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1. What's the name of the festival and where does it take place?

Reincorporation of Tacna’s Day takes place in August in the city of Tacna, Peru.

2. What does it celebrate?

83th anniversary where Tacna’s city is returned from Chile to Peru. Do you remember Heroic City of Tacna? Well this is the reason.

3. When is the festival and how long does it last?

The festival starts in August from 1st to 31st and goes on for several weeks. The central day is 28th August.

4. Who started the festival and when?

Peruvian people has been celebrated since 1929, by the Treaty of Lima on 28th August when Tacna’s city is returned from Chile to Peru. So every August 28 commemorates the ceremony in the main square of Tacna (Plaza de Armas).

5. What happens at the festival (traditions entertainment, customs)?

The ceremony start on the August 28th’s square, also known as the Woman Square.  The route was from 1 kilometer approximately and I went with my teacher Mariella Berrocal.

Parade civic and military: People of different ages: youngers, old men, children walk through the long street Alto de Lima Avenue.

The women carry the big flag around the main streets of the city.

People shouted: Long live independence! long live Tacna!

Behind the women’s group who carry the big peruvian flag many students of different schools, institutions and universities parade with patriotism.

Children wears colorful clothes and deliver sweets to everybody.

Workers of different enterprises wears fancy dress.

The people makes a floral rugs on the floor.

In each block students from different schools pay tribute to Tacna´s city. The people dancing on the street

To end the day, a theater group make a performance “The signature of Tacna’s Act” in this moment Tacna’s city returned from Chile to Peru

In my opinion, it was awesome experience, because I have never seen people very patriotic and I have never...
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