Ferragamo Communication

Topics: Salvatore Ferragamo, Florence, Palazzo Spini Feroni Pages: 5 (1483 words) Published: May 17, 2011

Salvatore Ferragamo

When Salvatore Ferragamo was nine years old, he made his first pair of shoes for his sisters to wear at their confirmation. He studied shoemaking in Naples, and shortly after he opened a store out of his parents' house. One of his brothers (he was the 11th of 14 children) worked in a cowboy boot factory in Boston, so Ferragamo followed him to work there in 1914, but he stayed there only briefly before he encouraged his brothers to move with him to California. There, he opened a repair shop where he also created made-to-measure shoes, which became popular among Hollywood celebrities.


His reputation among the celebrity elite allowed Ferragamo to expand into designing shoes for Hollywood films. He became the "Shoemaker of the Stars". Since that time, over the years the label has been using a tidal wave of celebrity endorsements, recommendations and product placement in movies like Sex and the City, which influence women all over the world. This strategy is one of the most powerful tools, as women tend to get influenced by celebrity styles easily and yearn for their lifestyle and possessions.

We can often spot celebrities wearing Ferragamo shoes, handbags and apparel to red carpet events, parties, and other occasions, where there happens to be wide media coverage in the form of photographers for magazines and newspapers or television. While the label has accidentally gotten lucky with various celebrity endorsements, it also has unremittingly courted the celebrity stars and the fashion media to a phenomenal effect. We can also find a section on their website called “Red Carpet” where consumers can see the latest pictures of celebrities wearing the labels products with the product information. …MUSEO SALVATORE FERRAGAMO

Apart from the traditional mediums used by luxury brands today, Ferragamo stands apart in their communication strategy with this unique concept. This intimate museum in the vaulted basement of the medieval Palazzo Spini Feroni displays a biennially rotating show of 200 of his extraordinary creations culled from the family’s 10,000-strong archive. Standouts include “invisible” sandals made from nylon fishing line, shoes crafted from 18-karat gold, and footwear fashioned from cork and raffia during a materials shortage in World War II. There are also shoes, lasts, and order slips from such famous clients as Ava Gardner, Sophia Loren, and Marilyn Monroe.

Not only is this a famous tourist attraction today but also is a great way to convey the history, heritage and magnificent craftsmanship that is synonymous with the brand to current and potential consumers. Another factor that is striking about this museum is that it encourages consumer participation; with the use of interactive screens and advance technological items it grabs the attention of visitors and facilitates their participation in this marketing process. This also shows us that the label is well informed about consumer trends today of which consumer participation is one of the most highlighted. …BRAND WEBSITE

Salvatore Ferragamo communicates with its customers via their website in two different ways—direct and indirect communication. Indirect communication consists of creating the awareness through introducing the opulent history of the brand and creating a type of addition to the brand. It begins with showing a strong dedication of Mr. Ferragamo’s intention to create a revolutionary shoe which would support the body’s weight and act like an inverted pendulum. In addition, numerous explanations of the handcrafting techniques are introduced on the website to illustrate the long lasting process of manufacturing. Interesting images of factories and the specific shoe making techniques are adding value to the...
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