Fences, Play by August Wilson: Review of The Main Character, Troy

Topics: Black people, American football, White people Pages: 3 (978 words) Published: June 9, 2008
Essay on August Wilson’s play Fences by Melanie Jung

Troy does not want to accept the changes in the world because that would cause him to accept the death of his own dreams. After reading the play carefully it becomes pretty obvious to me that Troy, the main character in the play, a black African – American, father of two children, cannot accept the changes in the world. That is, in my opinion, the reason why he tries to fence in his family. Especially Cory, by not giving him the chance to become a successful sports player and he also can’t accept that someone is able to live as a musician like his son Lyons wants to. The storyline plays in America, in 1957, where the blacks began to stand up for their civil rights and to see some equality. Troy still believes that the whole world is still into racial discrimination, that white people don’t give black people any opportunities. He doesn’t see any changes even though they actually happen in front of him. To make the main thesis clear, we will have a look at some examples in the play. For instance in Act One, Scene One, after Cory, the sixteen years old son of Troy, got recruited by a college football team. Troy has a discussion with his wife Rose, a very kind woman, about the chances for Cory to become a professional Football player or not.

Rose:Times have changed since you was playing baseball, troy. That was before the war. Times have changed a lot since then. Troy: How in hell they done changed?
Rose: They got lots of coloured boys playing ball now.
Baseball and football.

Troy refers to the past where he didn’t get the chance to play baseball in the Major Leagues. But in fact he was just too old to play baseball and he is not going to accept this because it would kill his imagination that he was treated unfair. He sees baseball as one of the most important things in his life, but also as the death of his dreams and hopes. In Act One, Scene One, Rose comes up...
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