Femisnism Yay or Nay

Topics: Women's rights, Law, United States Declaration of Independence Pages: 2 (394 words) Published: May 20, 2013
In 1848, in the United States, women stood together at a conference in Seneca Falls, NY to discuss their unjust in the system and go over their grievances. After a couple days of the convention, about 70 women and about 30 men signed the Declaration of Sentiments, which outlined their said unjust and grievances. Just a few of those issues were:

Married women were legally dead in the eyes of the law

Women were not allowed to vote

Women had to submit to laws when they had no voice in their formation

Married women had no property rights

Divorce and child custody laws favored men, giving no rights to women.

I cannot even fathom living the life Elizabeth Stanton, Susan B. Anthony and all of the other women being so incredibly suppressed. However, it does make me proud, as a woman, to know that these women fought the system, as much as they could, to achieve the freedom women currently have.

Knowing this, why wouldn’t I want to be considered a feminist? All a feminist means is “a person who supports women’s rights” Of course I support women’s right, however, I do not like or appreciate the attributes which coincide with being a “feminist”

These are the top stereotypes with being considered a feminist:

10. Feminists hate men

Feminists hate the idea of family

Feminists are masculine and unattractive

Feminists hate God

Feminists don't shave

Feminists are all pro-choice

Feminists can't be stay at home moms

Feminist whine about everything

Men are not feminists

All people who label themselves as feminist believe in the exact same things.

(source: Zimbio)

I hate how the war against women, and even back in the 1960’s as a countermovement, completely squashed the term feminist and turned it into the image of a manic woman hating anything and everything that has to do with men.

I am proud to be a woman, and will forever stand up for women’s...
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