Feminism in the Great Gatsby

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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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Feminism in Gatsby:
Tom plays a real dominant male. He bullies both men and women. Among others he bullies both George Wilson and Daisy & Myrtle. Daisy portrays the discomfort of the modern woman after the 2nd world war in the US, who had to do basically everything. Daisy has a child she can’t take care of, for example. Women were margins, while males where in the center of all actions. With that, Fitzsimons probably critiques the objectification of women. The narrator (Nick) does it as well, as he critics Tom. Throughout the book we follow Gatsby and also the disempowerment of men in the 20’s. Gatsby is in contrary to Tom- not as dominant as he would like to be. This shows to me the disempowerment of men. His life is depending on Daisy, she became the main focus of his life as he from the very beginning associated her with richness. Therefor- when he saw that he had lost her- he felt that it was no longer worth living. His life was there for dependent on her and the fantasy he had built up of her as a goddess. For me, this shows that Daisy had control over emotions. The book is a critique of patriarchy, it’s seen from the narrator’s perspective, since we can see how Nick takes Gatsby’s side. And I think that we somehow can see the author in the narrator- who is the implied author. The book critiques both the behavior a bit more than the society. Tom hits and abuses Myrtle- and controls Daisy- which is rather a critique of behavior than a society. Men are in control – in the center, while women are margins. There are also doubly marginalized people in the book. Such as Myrtle, since she also is fat. Fitzgerald is being critical, not only toward Tom- but also Daisy, who has a relationship with Gatsby while being with Tom. The women in the book failed to keep their status. They actually are powerful and have a big affect on the guys in the book, but very weak in their own rights.

The protagonist is the main character in the...
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