Feminism in Jane Eyre

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  • Published : May 16, 2008
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Charlotte once said to her two younger sisters that, "I will write a heroine who is as normal as I am; however she will attract the readers' interest as any heroine in your novels does." In 1847, Charlotte realized her prediction. One of the significant characteristics of feminism is the revolt consciousness to the leads of the social – male. The females all have been in the subordinate, the attachment, but seldom revolted. Therefore rising spiritedly to revolt strives for being equal is the question which the feminism must solve first. The rebellious spirit was precisely the starting point of the heroine in” Jane Eyre”. In the early age of Jane, she appeared as a rebel. The destiny of Jane was erroneous. Not long after she was born, her parents left the world one after another. She had to live in her aunt's family, and was treated as the servant. Faced her aunt's maltreatment and humiliation, she didn't only endure. She dared to beat and scold her cousin John to carry on the revolt. The hatred and frightened interweaved, Caused her dare to denounce severely the cousin with“Wicked and cruel boy!”“You are like a murderer- you are like a slave-driver- you are like the Roman emperors!”, And scolded Ms. Reed who posed as a benefactress: '“they all call Mrs. Reed my benefactress; if so, a benefactress is a disagreeable thing”“Others always thought you are a good woman, but you are bad, You are cruel-hearted, You were extremely unkind to me”.Between the lines displayed her extremely hatred to them. She also interrogated in the heart, “Why was I always suffering, always browbeaten, always accused, for ever condemned? Why could I never please? Why was it useless to try to win any one's favor? 'Unjust! - Unjust!'”A little girl who was discriminated by all the family, facing a kind of humiliation with no reason, dared to protect herself, did not just submit. To a ten year-old little girl it was commendable. Also precisely was this kind of devastate, formed disposition...
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