Felicite's Experiences in “a Simple Heart” Deserves Pity

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RUNNING HEAD: Felicite’s Experiences in “A Simple Heart” Deserves Pity

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February 20, 2011

If a person does things in the right way, good things are said to come to that person, but in Gustave Flaubert’s “A Simple Heart” it did not happen until her death. After thinking about how she receives her happiness in death, one can honestly say that was a great story. It gives hope to all those people who have been through a rough life and only had a short chance to experience happiness. It is showing them that even though life on earth was a disappointment, the other side is where the true happiness is. This paper will talk about the story and how people criticize Gustave Flaubert. Also, it will give reason why Gustave made the story..

Felicite’s Experiences in “A Simple Heart” Deserves Pity

A person would think that if one takes care of a person when he/she is young, the person would help support them in some form of way when they get older, but that is far from the truth. In “A Simple Heart”, there is a young lady name Felicite who wants to find her place in the world, but fate seem to not allow such kindness to come about. Behind every event for Felicite lies misfortune. When Felicite’s father and mother die her sisters want nothing to do with her. They part and go their separate ways, leaving Felicite to fend for herself. A farmer takes her in while she was still small and lets her keep the cows in the fields. She was dressed and rags and often beaten. The man over the farm dismisses her from the farm for a crime she did not commit. She was accused of stealing thirty sous. That alone is enough to break a poor person’s will, but not Felicite. She finds work on another farm. The master of the farm thought great of her, which made the other worker feel jealous of her. When she is around eighteen, she goes to a fair with her fellow-workers. A male approaches her and asks her for a dance. Afterwards, he treats her to...
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