Feature on How to Be a True Friend

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  • Published : December 30, 2012
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To be a TRUE Friend
- Tweny Six

In life, we come across people that are so called “friends”. Some of them just pass by our lives and we might never hear from them again but some may also stay by our sides and remain true whatever happens. Having a single true friend is better than having a network of pretentious ones, agree? Being nor having or even looking for true friends isn’t that easy. Have you ever lost a friend? Well, I have. A lot of people have lost their friends also. And it’s not that impossible that you once will do. Nowadays it’s not that easy to do things for someone and vice versa someone will also find it not that easy to do something for you.-when you don’t plant a seed, of course nothing will grow on the ground. Meaning to say, friends don’t just pop-up out of no-where, especially genuine ones with modest reasons. You, yourself have to give an effort in gaining one, but gaining one also means being one first. How to be a true friend? Have trust! TRUST is the greatest foundation any relationship will ever have, especially friendship. When there is trust everything else follows to a construction of a true, long-lasting friendship. Be ALTRUISTIC! Never be selfish. Most people find it hard to sacrifice for others, but always remember that true friends, who really value one another, will never have any thoughts of selfishness, not even on the darkest corners of their minds. Altruism and trust, two simple and shallow words yet has a deep definition when applied in friendship. It is not at all easy having, maintaining and gaining friendships so never take your true friends for granted for true friends are a mile away more precious than sparkly diamonds.
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