Fearless- Definition Essay

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  • Published : January 3, 2013
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Roxy Kulm
Mr. Knoth
AP English Lang. and Comp.
7 November 2012
To be fearless is to be combination of many different things. It is not simply the lack of fear but yet defined by actions and some actions can be considered fearless while others aren’t. Not many people use this word when describing a person’s actions. Chances are people that have reached success have done something that they were afraid of but simply had to face it in order to get where they needed to go.

The lack of fear implies that the person would feel no emotionbut when some is fearless they are not just emotionless zombies. Actually they are quite the opposite, a lat of the time they are horrified but simply push forward despite the fact that they feel like a wreck. When someone is fearless it is a sign that they have good character, this why when things get rrough your parents say “its good for you, builds character.” If someone wants to be fearless it takes a few things.

Someone wishing to be fearless needs to have a goal or reason for doing this action tat frightens them, if they don’t have a good reason then it is likely that there are just being plain stupid and reckless. Say someone is terrified of flying but needs to visit a sick family member a soon as possible, then if this person did get on an airplane in order to get to their loved one they would be fearless. However this person didn’t have a reason to get on the airplane then flying to this place they wanted to go to would simply be stupid. Another commonly misuse of fearless is using it to describe a reckless action. One the times I always refer back to when thinking about people being fearless is the movement for women’s rights. If during this ime a woman performed a task to prove a point that women can do deserve equal rights for example going on protest in front of the police or preforming a task that puts her well being a risk as long as it is for a vaid and good cause then one could say she was being...
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