Fear of the Dentist, Money or Treatment?

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Fear of the Dentist, Money or Treatment
The slurp of the suction, the screaming of the drill, needles dripping with anesthetic, and the bill when you’re done. These are some of the reasons why people fear the dentist. When we eat, speak, smile our teeth are visible, and they are working and we want them healthy. The thing most people don’t mention is their hesitation toward dental care. We should provide basic dental care for Americans, because good oral hygiene is the basis of genuine health.

Dental visits aren’t just keeping your mouth healthy but your whole body. Most people don’t know that the bacteria in the mouth can cause low birth weights, strokes, heart disease, and diabetes. Scientists have found that the mouth and systemic health are linked. For example, the “bacteria on your teeth and gums could travel through your bloodstream and attach to fatty plaques in your arteries making the plaques become more swollen. If one of the plaques bursts and causes a blood clot to form, you can have a heart attack or stroke” (Mayo). Keeping your regular cleaning appointments, brushing two times a day, flossing, replacing your tooth brush every three to four months, and a healthy diet are the way to a health mouth and body.

Dental fear is passed from parents to children in many cases. Children see how hesitant their parents are when going or while visiting a dentist. Some parents also believe in being completely honest about appointments to their children, which in theory is good, but telling a child that they are going to get a shot with a needle is good way to cause anxiety. Being less descriptive and letting the professional’s use their verbiage will help a child not worry as much and determine their own minds about the experience. Adult’s need to remember that dentistry has advanced since they were children, procedures are faster, and anesthetic works more effectively.

Another problem Americans have with the dentist is poor insurance coverage or none...
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