Fear and Foresight

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  • Published : November 1, 2011
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Fear and foresight have a major impact in many of our life altering choices when provided with time to think the decision through. Before making life-altering decisions there is the foresight component, in which we make predictions about what the result of our decision will be, and the fear part of it, in which we make predictions about all of the negative results that could come from making a major decision. It is essentially weighing the risks involved as well as the potential rewards that could just as easily come from it. In the excerpt from “Tin Flute,” Florentine, the main character is presented with an opportunity to move on from the position that she is in, one that she is unhappy with, but the opportunity seems so unknown and foreign to her that the decision is very difficult for her to make. The excerpt shows how much fear and foresight interplay and counteract each other eventually pushing us to make our decision.

Florentine finds herself in a less than desirable situation, working full time at a restaurant, for a low wage and she feels as though she is wasting her life. When she talks about how her lips have wrinkles that she can see developing, what she means is that she is beginning to notice that her youth is slipping away from her. When she is working at her job she feels as though she has already lived her life, had her fun and her best times are behind her. A quote that really demonstrates this is when the author writes, “All youth, confidence, vivacity seemed to have fled from her listless, shrunken eyes leaving a vacuum.” She is saying that even though she is still young, being stuck in a dead end job and barely getting by is sucking the life out of her. Her foresight has shown her that she has to make a change in her life soon before she ends up trapped there. She knows she has to commit fully to trying to escape her current situation.

The man who wants to take her to the movies represents a way for her to escape the situation that...