Topics: Dada, Art, World War I Pages: 2 (649 words) Published: February 28, 2013
WCC – Collage
Raoul Hausmann

For this final assignment, I chose Raoul Haussman. Raoul Haussman was born on July 12, 1886 during the after math of the First World War. He was not only an artist but was also a writer who according to both my sources of information, one of the founders to the Berlin Dada movement; an art movement which navigated within Europe representing the negative and horrific images and memories of World War 1. Raoul Haussman’s style revolved through this specific theme specializing in collage, photography, sculpture, poetry, performance, and theory. He started early training in the field of art with the help of his father at the age of 14. Through each passing year Raoul Haussman gradually developed and advanced his skills. His artwork contained meaning and stories through all his style of artwork. I believe that during his time as a young artist he was inspired by the propaganda and the effects of World War One. His artwork however, despite his talent and vast numbers of different artwork, Raoul Haussman was mostly well known for his Photomontage skills. He uses very elusive images which portray meaning. As a result, it gives the viewer an immediate thoughtful impact. His artwork makes you think of its essence and what it’s supposed to mean. And I believe, as an artist, those are the qualities of a great artist. I for one, personally favor his Photo montage skills over his other styles of artwork. In my opinion, his focused theme is truly one of the most unique and inspiring aspects that come from his artwork. Not only does his specific theme portray importance and value, but his artwork and craftsmanship are obviously presented through photographs, images, materials and items that each resembles an importance of the piece. Among all of Raoul Hausmann’s artwork, “the Mechanical Head”, was probably my most favorite. This piece consists of many separate found objects that were put...
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