Topics: Allusion, Semantics, Intertextuality Pages: 2 (467 words) Published: March 16, 2013
The Development the Language of Cinema

* Bazin states “of course cinema is a language”
* Language – communicates
* Bee dancing is a form of communication, very effective as a means of communicating information, but would not call it a language. * Language has a capacity to make meaning which is not transmittable to other languages. * Each language makes meaning in a manner special to itself. * For Bazin, film makes meaning by showing us the world

* The photographic image is the only man made image that is counterfactual image. Not depicting imagination. * Communicates by way of the content of images
* Film is not language like when it copies other artworks, when it doesn’t what is not special to it * Other artworks allude to things (suggest, imply, hint)
* Alluding does not show anything, alluding is indicating without showing. * When film alludes it is less language like.
* Bazin states Film alludes by way of Montage.
* Filmic Montage has the ability to make you think its showing you something even when it hasn’t, Its is a lot like perspectival painting, it looks like its showing you depth but is really not. Montage

* Acceleration: a clip of a train going for 5 secs compared to 4s, shorter the shot, increase of the illusion the train is going faster. Quick cuts, create illusion of faster scenes * Parallel: The illusion we are seeing two stories simultaneously. (similar to an author saying “in the meantime”.) * Attraction: Statue of Lion sitting down, Statue Lion on hind legs and getting up, and a juxtaposition of an uprising of people. Symbolic enactment of what we saw before. See the people rise just like a lion rising. (everything is suggestive, we haven’t seen this however, just alluded to, It is just a statue and then the cut of people.) Another example men and women kissing, stockings are shown at foot of bed, alluding to sex but not shown) * Analytic: Use of the Cinematic iris. Draws our...
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