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Topics: American Revolution, United States Declaration of Independence, United States Constitution Pages: 51 (16565 words) Published: March 18, 2013
U.S. History Terms, Concepts and Links 112/1113/20122013 This document is always in development. Corrections and suggestions are welcome. Note: Use the application’s “find” function to locate a specific term. Many terms are in the dated folders in History Conference/History docs/USH Docs folder on First Class. Note on links: You can find hundreds of U.S. history sites all over the web. Preeminent is American Memory at the Library of Congress, especially The Learning Page with its links to Library resources. You cannot browse this site and not learn important history. Virtually all major universities have substantial electronic history (and other discipline) resource centers with cross links, and many individual professors have developed their own sites. Several of the most important include those at the University of Virginia (electronic texts and American Studies), Fordham (Modern History Sourcebook) and Yale (Avalon). Others are available at European University Institute in Florence, The University of Chicago (The Founders’ Constitution), the University of Texas (historical maps), Government and independent sites include PBS, NARA, National Park Service, Spartacus, Taxhistory, American Presidents Abraham Lincoln Online, Founding.com, Constitution.org, GilderLehrmanOnLine, Digital History, WWW-VL: History: United States, u-s-history and The National Humanities Center. All states have history sites. California’s is here. “Enthusiast” sites of the “geocities” variety can be pretty good, but one needs to approach them critically. As a rule of thumb, if the text is sophomoric and error-ridden and the layout weird, one should suspect the reliability of the content. If you want to know what a 1790 or other historical dollar is worth today, go here. For one of the best online overviews of American history, it would be hard to equal the U.S. government’s current Outline of American History, or its earlier vesion See also the State Department’s Basic Readings in American Democracy. For an excellent list of essential Supreme Court cases, with annotations and links to full majority and dissenting opinions, go to the Digital History page. You can find an encyclopedic annotation of all provisions of the Constitution at Find Law and the Cornell Legal Information Institute.General overviews and graphics-rich materials on the Constitution are poster at The National Constitution Center. Time lines are helpful for dates and historical coherence. Your text has a time line at the bottom of the first two pages of each chapter. Use it. You can find time lines all over the net. Infoplease’s is pretty good, as is this one posted by Middlesex University (London). Another is a time line for historical documents. Other time lines are linked below. If you find ones you like, let me know. Here’s one of the better personal sites on the web which features a timeline, rules for teachers, and good genealogy information. The best genealogy site is Ancestry.com. Where would we be without maps? Enhance your cartographic as well as geographic and historical literacy at American Memory, the Perry-Castañada Library Map Collection at the University of Texas, the University of Virginia, The United States Military Academy, the College of New Jersey (political history), the European Institute (WWWVL), Early America and the Hargrett Collection at the University of Georgia. A link that offers a rhetorical perspective on 19th-century America is as entertaining as it is instructive. In particular, see Bartlett’s Dictionary of Americanisms (1848). For what 19th-century youngsters read between 1848 and 1872, go to Nineteenth Century American Children and What They Read. Other sites that you might like to explore: ushistory.org, earlyamerica.com, The Legacy Preservation Library (Great Western Americana) and Dinsmore Documentation. If you find any that you think I should include, let me know.


Some state history overviews Pennsylvania South Carolina On-line...
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