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Topics: Acts of the Apostles, Drug addiction, Human Pages: 2 (347 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Social Evils in Pakistan
1) Introduction:
  a)   Man is a social animal.
  b)   What is evil?
2) Different types of social evils
  a)   Adulteration in different commodities
  b)   Smuggling
  c)   Drug addiction
3) Spread of social evils
  a) Different countries are affected from social evils
  b)   Pakistan is one of the major effected countries.
4)   How they are harmful
  a)   They are harmful to the public health.
  b)   They are playing to lives of the peoples
5)   Remedies
  a)   Adulterators should be punished severely
  b)   Anti narcotics teams and organizations should be set.   c)   Anti smuggling team should be trained.
  d)   People specially the youth should be educated.
  e)   Most of fields of games should be built in the country.    
Since when the world is come to existence it is said that man is a social animal. Man is living in a society from its starts. Now when the hundred years passed the acts of the man are also changed time to time.   Man has proved a covetous by nature. As the man is living in the form of groups and families it is possible that in the society some misdeeds should be occurred. Now the question is arises that what is evil? Or what are the acts of evil?     Evil or acts of evil are such things as are called illegal by law of a particular country or society in which the man is living to. Some people of a particular society or country are trying to become rich round the night. And they for this purpose done different act as are restricted by law. These acts are performed in different types as are below.     One of the major evils is “Adulteration”. The toll of human life that adulteration takes is only next to war. The damage done is not only immediate but far-reaching. It has very bad effect on human mechanism. Vitality in man is lower. Paralysis has become very common because of adulteration. Widespread blindness in the people of Pakistan owes much to this bad practice. Out break of...
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