Favorite Childhood Memory

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My First Tractor
When I was a little boy, I loved everything about tractors. I loved to look at them, try to work on them, and even try to drive them. Everyone in my family knew that I loved tractors. Because of this, one day my grandpa came to my house to pick me up so that I could ride with him to the tractor store. I can still vividly remember that day like it was yesterday. Little did I know that this would be a day that I would not soon forget. He picked me up and we headed out to the store. On the way there we passed field after field of livestock and my eyes automatically searched for a tractor. I liked tractors of all different kinds but I, also, like to see which kind other people liked best. I knew much more about tractors than other kids my age, which I thought was awesome. I knew every make, every model, and pretty much what ran what. So, I could hardly wait to arrive at the tractor store to observe which kinds were there. Finally, after riding for what seemed like an hour, we arrived at the tractor store. I felt as if I were in heaven. There were blue tractors, red tractors, tractors of all shapes and sizes, and much more. I checked out every single one until my eyes came across something I just had to have. I had spotted a little orange toy tractor that came with a trailer. I was set on getting it. I ran up to my grandpa in hopes of his approval to purchase it. Thankfully, he agreed. I was so excited to have my new toy tractor. I remember wanting to begin playing with it as soon as I got out of the store, but my grandpa made me wait. I could not get back home fast enough. When we returned home, I jumped out of the truck and ran inside to show off my new tractor. I promised my grandpa that I would take extra good care of it. I played with my tractor every single day and wherever I went I took my tractor with me. This is a memory that I’m sure I will always remember. I still think about my little tractor every time that I drive...
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