Fast Food

Topics: Supply and demand, Nutrition, Government of Australia Pages: 2 (658 words) Published: December 14, 2012
Fast food
Today, with improvement of living standards, taxes of government are rising and becoming diverse. The government collects taxes for keeping their countries sustainable development and Shortening the gap between rich and poor. This essay will focus on one of common taxes, ‘fast food tax’. Fast food refers to a kind of food, which can be cooked and served quickly and conveniently. In this essay, I will discuss when the government rises tax of food, how the supply change in Australian market. Using two figures to point out the effects of change of food tax. And this essay gives a real life example which is investigated by Betts in 2012.

These days, most of employees only have a break in half and one hour so they always choose to eating fast food such as McDonalds or KFC. Furthermore, University of Minnesota stated that food can lead to the negative impacts in people’s health such as diabetes and heart illness. Food can be medicines to improve people’s health or treat diseases (University of Minnesota). In addition, Chitale (2008) indicated that Morgan Spurlock, who eats only hamburgers or chickens from McDonalds in 30 days, can have problems about his health such as liver disease and cardiovascular disease. As a consequence, Betts (2012) stated that the Australia Government should tax the unhealthy food and drink at least 20 percentages to decrease the numbers of people who are obese.

According to Betts (2012), there are 70 percentages of Australian desire to decrease the cost of healthy food such as vegetables and fruit and also increase the price of fast food. Moreover, the Australian Government should impose subsidies on food that good for people’s health combined with increasing 20 tax percentages in unhealthy food (Betts 2012). First of all, subsidies mean that the government gives money to producers that depend on the level of output. After the Government imposes a subsidy, the price of healthy food decreases so consumers will demand...
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