"Farm Near Duivendrecht, in the Evening" -Analysis

Topics: Piet Mondrian, Art, By the Way Pages: 2 (826 words) Published: November 20, 2012
“Farm Near Duivendrecht, in the Evening” –Analysis…

Different people think, live, view, and judge in distinct ways. That’s what makes life so interesting. The great diversity of the world sometimes has an effect on certain people. Humanity itself has ways of expressing its differences, for example there’s; art, music, fashion, and hobbies, etc. All these are factors that can help identify ones personality, lifestyle, and views on certain topics, etc. This helps define us in a way, it’s a form of expression, whether personal or not. “Farm Near Duivendrecht, in the Evening” is a very personally inspirational work of art by: Piet Mondrian. It can be viewed in many different ways, but it is certainly a generally calm, and in a way peaceful painting. It’s soothing, and very relaxing; it gives off that sense of tranquility, and relaxation, etc. It is without a doubt; a painting with a lot of thought behind it, maybe even a story as well. As some might agree with that, a lot probably don’t. For all we know this painting could be the happiest thing someone has ever seen. When describing art like this, sometimes it is so interesting it’s fun! In this particular painting (oil on canvas), there is a farmhouse at twilight surrounded by water; it could very well be a river, lake, or even a pond. The water is clean and clear, one can also tell because the building is slightly reflected on the waters surface. The painting is not very bright; on the contrary it is more of a dim, dark, and opaque shading all throughout. The only exception is the fading sunlight’s reflection on the sky right over the farmhouse. An estimate of nine to eleven trees surrounds the decaying farmhouse. The way everything is depicted, and organized in the painting; radiates a sense of loneliness, emptiness, silence, peace, and possibly even a bit of fear. Again it all depends on how you look at it, as well as your general point of view on art. It literally has that appearance of the...
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