Farenheit 451

Topics: Fahrenheit 451, Heinrich Heine, Book burning Pages: 4 (1434 words) Published: October 1, 2014

Prompt #1
Write a Rhetorical Précis for Austin Cline's article "Heinrich Heine on Burning Books: Connecting the Holocaust to Book Burning." The article Heinrich Heine on Burning Books by Austin Cline is an assertive message that the ceremonial burning of books has no other conclusion than the burning of people. First Cline analyzes the core reason for why people would burn books. He states that it is to rid the world of the “threatening” message they may contain, preventing the spread of the intended message. However, where there is a book, there is an author that formed these messages and thoughts, thus the idea can live through other forms of oral communication. It is for this reason, that after the unwanted books had been burned, the Nazi’s moved on to the source, people. By destroying the scholar of each book, the Nazi’s were able to control what the public knew allowing for an easier governmental process. Through writing this article, Cline informs the world of a necessary topic that is needed to be understood if in the future these events are to be prevented. Prompt #2

Using the second-person point-of-view, describe how technology will affect the future. In your response, it should be clear whether you think the technology will have a positive or negative impact. Your alarm clock wakes you with a recording of your favorite band. As you open your eyes, your ceiling screen displays the weather, time, countdown to the school shuttle arriving, as well as any current news. As your feet touch the ground, your path to the insta-changa lights up allowing you time to wake up. As you walk into the metallic tube, your dress choices according to the weather come up in front of you. You choose the one you are drawn to and immediately are completely dressed. You then move to the escalator that takes you directly to the kitchen chute where your waffles pop out, hot and ready just the way you like them. As you eat quietly you head to your...
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