Family vs Friends

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There are many different ways to use language. Most people speak, using words and/or phrases. Some people use sign language using their hands to talk, because they can not speak. You can even use your eyes to say things. But have you ever thought about the different ways we use our language with different people? More specifically how you talk around your parent or guardian, compared to your friends? Most people would say there is a big difference. My answer is no different. Language is a vital key to communicating with other people.

Growing up, my parents always taught me how to be respectful. If I gave them attitude I would be punished, either by getting a long lecture on what I did wrong, or getting something I liked very much taken away from me for a certain amount of time. This would teach me that I was wrong to speak like that to them. When I was six years old I had quite the attitude problem, I wanted to do what I wanted, when I wanted. So when my parents would tell me no, I would get very upset, and become very rude to them. Well, they were not having that, so they would tell me, you can not always get what you want and take my most prized possession away, my Gameboy. After a few times of this, I caught on, and stopped my little fits. I learned how to be respectful of my parents decisions, even though I didn’t really like it. Now I know how to talk to them respectfully.

I also try to act more grown up then I actually am in front of my parents. I do this because I want them to know that they can trust me. I remember one time I went to my friends party, and a few minutes after I arrived I realized people were drinking and smoking weed. So I decided that the grown up thing to do was leave and go home. So I did, and when I told my parents about my experience they were proud of me, and said I did the right thing. Now they let me go to any party I want because they trust me to make the right decisions. I am very glad that I can talk to my parents in an...
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