Family Health Assessment

Topics: Nursing, Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, Family Pages: 11 (2303 words) Published: October 13, 2011

Family Health Assessment
Laura L. Cooper
Grand Canyon University: NRS 429V
August 23, 2011

Family Health Assessment
The term family brings to mind a visual image of adults and children living together in a harmonious manner, although this may not be the case for all. The “typical” family, two biological parents and children, has changed over time. Families are as diverse as the individuals that compose them, and clients have deeply ingrained values about their families that deserve respect. The family is the primary social context in which health promotion and disease prevention takes place, as the family’s beliefs, values, and practices strongly influence the health behavior of its members. Using a family-focused approach is a priority when providing adequate family care and support. The purpose of this paper is to complete a family health assessment using a family focused approach by utilizing Gordon’s functional health patterns and the systems theory. Functional Health Patterns

Functional health patterns constitute the framework used for obtaining a structured family nursing history, which consists of 11 areas of function to promote areas of wellness as well as health problems. The systems theory was used in conjunction with the functional health patterns to guide the assessment of the family. Systems theory helps the nurse to understand family interactions, along with the family’s values, beliefs, and coping mechanisms. According to Edelman and Mandle, 2006, this theory states that any change in one family member will affect the entire family unit. A good example of this for the family that was accessed would be that the son has attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, and due to this disorder the family as a whole has had to learn how to cope with the son’s behaviors that are different from the other children in the household.

Health Perception/Health Management
The family stated that they all feel they are healthy, as they exercise daily, eat healthy foods, and take vitamins daily. The family’s teenage son is currently taking prescriptions to help manage his diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. They also said that all of the children are currently up to date on their immunizations and that both the husband and wife do regular check-ups with their doctor as preventative measures. Nutritional/Metabolic Pattern

The family stated that they prepare meals together as a family, making sure all members are involved, and they sit at the dining room table to eat as a family. They said they turn all electronics off so that they can enjoy each other’s company and catch up on the day’s events. They said they serve food items from all food groups and occasionally they eat out. The parent’s were very knowledgeable regarding proper food handling measures. Elimination Pattern

The mother said that her pre-toddler son goes through an average of a diaper every other hour and that he has about two bowel movements a day, which she said is his normal pattern. She also stated that his bowel movements look normal to her, as they are not to loose and he is not constipated. All other family members reported normal bowel movements, and no one had complaints regarding urination. Activity/Exercise Pattern

The family stated that they enjoy outdoor activities such as bicycling, swimming, hiking, and that they go for nightly strolls around their neighborhood. They also said they like to go on trips across the United States to destinations like state parks and museums. The son was very excited while talking about trips they have taken in the past. Sleep/Rest Pattern

The mother stated that her pre-toddler takes a nap everyday that lasts anywhere from 1.5 to 3 hours. The mother also stated that the children get baths after dinner and that they turn off the television so everyone can unwind and they have quiet time that consists of reading books and...
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