Family Always Stays Together

Topics: Sibling, Family, Childbirth Pages: 1 (487 words) Published: February 13, 2013
Lizelle is the bread-winner of her family she has two brothers and two sisters who somehow depends on her for education. One day she got really mad on how she was being pressured by her siblings and finally reached to the point wherein she said hurtful things. "Our parents should not gave birth to all of you if they were just going to pass their responsibilities to me!" Her parents tried to talk to her on why they needed help but Lizelle just keeps on packing her things. She decided to leave their house and live on her own. Lizelle wanted so much to be independent because she believes that being independent is so much fun, there would be no barriers between curfew and parties, she can do whatever she wants and explore wherever she wants. Lizelle was enjoying in her first few days of being independent however she was already abusing her freedom and eventually got fired from her work because of being irresponsible and slacking off. She has a small amount of money and was really troubled on how to keep things on shape again but she was surprised that everyday there's always a meal being delivered to her when she was feeling hungry and tired. A new clothes were being delivered and Lizelle wears it when she applies in a job. An inspirational book was delivered to her and it makes her being inspired everyday. She tried to ask the delivery man if he knows who was the one who delivered those things but the delivery man simply said he doesn't know. The delivery items were continuing then she finally reached her goal, shebecame successful and rich. She was so proud that she achieved so much when her parents are not with her. One day she planned on visiting her family to boast of how she was living her life without them but she was surprised that her parents are overly happy. "Are you really happy that I leave this house?" Lizelle asked while making her tears not to fall and show some weaknesses. "No, Honey" her Father said Lizelle was really hurt on why her parents didn't...
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