Falling Leaves Synopsis in Limited Sentences

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  • Published : October 1, 2011
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Falling Leaves
Adeline Yen Mah or Jun ling was born in North East China in 1973. She is the fifth child among her siblings and her mother died due to her birth which caused her to be an unwanted daughter and her father Joseph Tsi-rung Yen seemed not to have fully forgiven her about this and he became a lonely man longing for a wife which resulted of him marrying a beautiful Eurasian woman who the children called Niang and their stepmother gave the five of them English names as an adaptation from her own culture. Her father and Niang had two children namely Franklin, whom they loved the most and Susan who they kind of disapproved. The children suffered greatly from their stepmother but it was Adeline who had the worst time of all and Niang’s disapproval of Adeline was greatly shown the time Adeline stopped her from beating Susan when she was still a baby and the time Adeline’s friends went to their house unplanned. After this incident, her parents decided to send her into boarding school in Shanghai; Niang controlled everything regarding household and home management for their grandmother already died. All through her childhood life, her only constant companion and source of comfort is her Aunt Baba who loved her unconditionally and cared for her exceedingly and really always encouraged and supported her especially in concerns regarding school and with this continued encouragement of her Aunt Baba and grandfather YeYe, Adeline excels in school so her father decided to fix and arrange her career in America. Adeline became a doctor and well known writer in America and there she met her first husband, Byron to whom she had a son but their marriage failed due to his violent behaviours. After an unsuccessful marriage, she met Robert to whom she had a daughter and their relationship worked well and their marriage is clearly a success. While in America, her Aunt Baba got sick and was bedridden so Adeline went to visit her and tried to convince her to go to America and...
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