Falling in Love with Your Best Friend?

Topics: Love, Friendship, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 4 (1660 words) Published: July 30, 2011
Falling in love with your best friend ??

The first question mark in the title is when I asked myself, “Should I do this?”
And the latter one for,
“Should I really do this?”
This is one thing where I have always lagged – in taking decisions. I could hear the wind whilst I closed my eyes; felt its tempest gush as it passed by me. For a moment I felt like I was never calmer than this, and that I had never been this way before; a heart of mixed feelings. I remained as I kept my eyes closed while I heard the birds chirp and the leaves brush the air. “Hey, I’ve found a partner for myself for the annual competition! It’s high time you choose one for yourself as well,” said Rysa. “If you could only help me…” I said with a smirk. “My partner says his friend needs one too. Why don’t you talk it out?” she said. There was hardly a month left when I met Rysa’s partner. His name was Troy and I asked him if he could get me on the phone with his friend. As I spoke to his friend, Luke, we decided to meet and see for ourselves if we could make a good couple for the jive competition. Soon we finalized the deal. Rysa being my best friend and Luke being Troy’s, we decided to practice and prepare for the competition together on her terrace. In no time did we become the best of friends. And here I put forth, the few precious pages of my diary that I maintained until a few weeks back. My diary pages…

17th July’08: Today was our Annual competition and the four of us were looking beautiful like never before. Both the donkeys were gazing at Rysa and me as if they were waiting to get on the dance floor with beauties like us. I won’t lie, but today I was flattered like never before. We were nervous to the extent of frozen fingers; our palms twisted between each other’s, our hearts palpitating and those crazily over smart “Yes we can do it” yells. The only strategy that Luke and I had...
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