Fairy Tale and Ugly Freckled Stepsisters

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  • Published : February 21, 2013
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예준: There are probably none of you who don’t know the story of “Cinderella”. But what we mostly think of when we hear “Cinderella” is the innocent Disney version, with the fairy godmother and the ugly freckled stepsisters. The original Cinderella, though, was a gruesome and not-so-innocent story. 예림: Although the first-ever version of Cinderella was written in Egypt in the first century BC, The original story most similar to the Cinderella we know today was the story Ashenputtel, written by Jacob and Wilheim Grimm, which are widely known as the Brothers Grimm. 예준: Right. And since pretty slippers and stepmothers are a repeated theme in folk tales, Brothers Grimm were not the first to write about them. 예림: But their published version was what made the story so popular. In the Disney Cinderella, there are these two ugly stepsisters and a stepmother who make a poor girl do all the housework. Eventually they go to a ball, like they all do, and Cinderella is left home to do chores. 예준: Then the fairy godmother comes, and she goes bibbidi-bobbidi-boo and gives Cinderella a pretty dress and crystal slippers. 예림: Crystal? (wolf whistle) That must have got her a whole lot of blisters. 예준: (Clears throat) Yes. Anyways, the fairy godmother tells her to be back at the stroke of midnight. She loses track of time, so she runs when the clock chimes. And she leaves behind a shoe. Clumsy, eh? 예림: Real Clumsy. So the prince finds the matching shoe, and the live happily ever after, bleh-blehbleh. 예준: Now we’ll tell you the original Brothers Grimm version – Aschenputtel. 예림: It starts out pretty much the same, with a stepmother and two stepsisters. But here, these stepsisters are said to be “beautiful and fair and appearance”. 예준: Who’se ever heard of pretty stepsisters?

예림:And instead of the plump fairy godmother, it involved a hazel tree and birds. And as you can all guess, the stepsisters go to the dance. So does Aschenputtel, with the help of the hazel tree and the birds. 예준:...
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